The Senior Vice President commonly abbreviated as The V.P. is the boss cog and the leader of the Sellbots. It debuted in the first episode of Tales of Toontown but was fired by the Chairman shortly at the end of the episode for "failing to capture" a toon.

Vice President

Most Recent Appearance

Tales of Toontown: Mortal Awakening (2014)

Birth 1998 (Development start)

December 2003 (Activated)

Death November 9, 2011 (Destroyed; Fired)


Redgy, Bridgette



Main Weapon

Tank Turret

Personality Edit

The Sellbot Vice President is outspoken. It often blurts out information that it intends to keep secret.

The V.P.'s Past Edit

Nothing is known yet about it's past

Present Life Edit


Name Origin/Reference Edit

The Senior Vice President is one who is responsible for establishing the sales targets to meet the company objectives.

Trivia Edit

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