Mortal Awakening: Season 1

Series Genre

Animation, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Mystery

Season Premiere

July 29, 2014

Created by


Written By


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ATTENTION: It has currently been confirmed that once this season is finished in production, the series will no longer continue. Thank you for understanding.

Mortal Awakening is the first series of the trilogy of Tales of Toontown. This is the first season and the first of the whole trilogy.


Actor Role Episode Count
Redgy Redgy 11/11 episodes
Emily Tune Upp Emily 11/11 episodes
Laney Jane  Laney Jane

11/11 episodes

The Impericog The Impericog TBA/11 episodes

Episode Count:

Episode 1: Lone Wolf

Episode 2: Glimpse of Heaven

Episode 3: Prophecy's Promise

Episode 4: Hell's resurrection

Episode 5: Invasion

Episode 6: The Time Before Dawn

Episode 7: Dishonerable Disloyals

Episode 8: Here they come!

Episode 9: Uprising

Episode 10: And Crime Shall Pay

Episode 11: The End

Changes from the scrapped series

Changes include:

  • There will be monthly airing schedules.
    • This was later changed and currently, there are no promises to each episode's airing date.
  • Many new changes for actors. (Replacements/Swaps/Personalites)
  • All toon's clothes shown for the first time WILL be their permanent outfit. The only exception is when an aging or other special events that cause them to change clothes occur.
  • Main characters are confirmed to debut earlier than last series.
  • Minor characters are removed. (Including: Vampira, Mickey Mouse, and Lily)
  • Each episode will be more than 10 minutes long for Season 1.
  • Stolen and unauthorized references are ceased from use.
  • There will be plenty of episodes on each season.
  • "To Be Concluded" will not be used at the end of each episode... Instead, it will read "To Be Continued"


  • As stated by the creator, Tridrent, the project can be cancelled anytime.
    • In addition to this statement, instead of playing Toontown, he will work on this instead.
    • Also, it is stated that if the project cancels once again, it will be gone for good. 
  • As of May 2014, the creator stated that this series matches the intensity rating of "TV-14-DLSV"

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