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This is the first episode of Mortal Awakening Season 1 and the first episode of all.

Lone Wolf
Season 1, Episode 1
LoneWolf wiki
First aired(English) July 29, 2014
First aired(Spanish) TBD
Written by TridrentProductions
Directed by TridrentProductions
Deaths Reed (off-screen)
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"Glimpse of Heaven"
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The Story begins with a protagonist being hunted down by a psychopath whom she claims herself as his mother. A guardian attempts to bar her path and slow her down into killing the child. After the flashback, our hero believes that he is being called upon by the Spirits of Heaven after several dreams. This is where the adventure begins to extend.


The episode begins with our hero waking up in a sea of black. He hears voices calling for him, therefore, making him assume that he is in a nightmare. Suddenly, a seemingly evil toon confronts him making him trip and fall on his head off of bed. He gets up after Andrea came to his room. She tells him to get ready as soon as possible, but Redgy protests by saying that she doesn't have to give the everyday reminder but followed her orders anyway. Outside, after Redgy comes out, he questions Andrea about their daily schedule of fighting the cogs. Andrea glared at him making him take his comment back. 

In the streets of Toontown Central, Redgy was forced to shoot a cog. He protested but Andrea counters his argument, saying that she can't protect him all the time, especially when she is not present when Redgy gets in danger. He tries to pull the trigger on the cog but accidentally shoots the suit, resulting the bullet to bounce back and hits him in the foot. Andrea runs in and scolds him for not shooting the head, which was his objective. Therefore, because of Redgy's cry, both him and Andrea was forced to leave the streets since they may have been heard. Just in time, the left immediately before Mildred walked in. She looked around and saw a black cat behind her. The black cat told Mildred of Andrea and Redgy's possible whereabouts, motivating Mildred to continue her pursuit against them. 

That night, Andrea and Redgy lie in field gazing at the stars. Andrea explains Redgy about what the stars meant. Then she proceded into telling him that she desires a "world of her own". Insterested, Redgy asks her what her dream world will truly be like. However, Andrea reminds Redgy that it is getting late and suggests going home immediately. But it became too late as Mildred finally caught up with the two. Andrea then orders Redgy to leave. Concerned about her safety, he protested but Andrea tells him to do so once more, this time, in a threatening tone of voice. This caused Redgy to obey and "run like hell". 


Toon Actor Role(s)
Redgy Redgy
Emily Tune Upp Emily
Laney Jane Laney Jane
Connie Andrea
Nidoran Mildred
Mayday Parade Bridgette
Eight Ball Steven



  • This episode reveals a number of character families.
    • Andrea reveals to have a brother
    • Steven implies that Bridgette is his cousin.
    • Bridgette had an uncle (also Steven's father) who was never heard from again after being abducted by the Sellbots
    • It was confirmed that Redgy's mother is NOT Mildred. His mother will be revealed as a surprise.
  • Despite the gunshots heard while Redgy was "running like hell", Bridgette made implications of Andrea still being alive.


  • It is confirmed by the creator that Mildred is indeed not Redgy's mother. The true mother will be a surprise.


  • Many cog phrases we're heard in some of their lines. These phrases were taken from Disney's Toontown Online.
  • Andrea's line, "Run like hell!" was taken from a name of an orchestral piece from Season 1 of LOST, which is known as "Run like, Um... Hell?"


  • Andrea puts on her scarf before Redgy comes outside but when he does, her scarf disappears.
  • The Blood color on Redgy is similar to his own color which may be impossible to spot for some viewers.
  • Bridgette did not have the original toon's(Mayday Parade's) outfit for the first couple of scenes but appeared with it later.
  • When Bridgette was hiding behind the mailbox, her foot cast was visible, however, when Mildred ran off, it disappeared. 
  • The Cold Caller had the wrong head color
  • Whenever a toon ran off, they were still visible on the side of the screen. 
  • A few lines from a few toons pass by too fast. 
  • The room where Redgy is kept at to rest had a window with light that looked like it's morning despite the time being night-time


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