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 This is the third episode of Mortal Awakening Season 1 and the third episode of all.  
Hell's Resurrection
Season 1, Episode 3
First aired(English) January 2, 2016
First aired(Spanish) TBD
Written by Tridrent
Directed by Tridrent
Deaths Giovanni
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"Glimpse of Heaven"
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Cast Guide
Main Cast



Toon Actor Role(s)
Redgy Redgy
Emily Tune Upp Emily
Laney Jane Laney Jane
Kong Ivan
Captain Pierre Powell
Morris Giovanni
The Impericog The Impericog
Clayton Clayton
Amazing Crocodile F
Sir Max Angureaux
  • An aqua mouse and a blue cat appear but their identities are unknown.


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  • At multiple instances, Ivan's accent is inconsistant.
  • When Giovanni takes out his pistol, part of his shorts disappear.
  • When Laney Jane and Emily holster their weapons, Redgy walks forward.
    • Oddly enough, same instances occur when F explains to Angureaux about how much of a threat Redgy seemed to the Shadow Mob and The Impericog when Clayton disappears into the shadows. Only difference being that they move backward.
  • Before Emily grabbed her Dream Rod, it appeared to underlap her body. However, when she grabbed it, it overlapped her.
  • When Giovanni gets hit with an arrow, the sound appears to be in the lowest quality possible.
  • When Redgy and Emily are first seen in the night scene, a campfire is visible. However, after the screen pans out, the fire oddly disappears without a valid explanation of why or how it was put out.


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