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This is the second episode of Mortal Awakening Season 1 and the second episode of all.  

Glimpse of Heaven
Season 1, Episode 2
GlimpseHeaven wiki
First aired(English) August 6, 2015
First aired(Spanish) TBD
Written by TridrentProductions
Directed by TridrentProductions
Deaths None
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"Lone Wolf"
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"Hell's Resurrection"
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Main Cast



Toon Actor Role(s)
Redgy Redgy
Emily Tune Upp Emily
Laney Jane Laney Jane
Connie Andrea
The Impericog The Impericog
Clayton Clayton
Sir Max Angureaux
Pig Latin Pig Latin
Tridrent Raleigh
  • An aqua mouse and a yellow cat appears but their identities are unknown


General Edit

  • More information regarding Andrea's family was revealed.
    • It was revealed she had children before they were kidnapped.
    • Unless if Andrea has another brother, the identity of her brother, possibly the one mentioned from the last episode, has been revealed.
  • This episode marks the debut of two of the true antagonists of this series.
  • This episode is the first to reveal a flashback scene.
  • This episode is the first to reveal a prominition.

Community Edit

References Edit


  • Andrea's sleeve overlaps her scarf when she takes out a prophecy piece
  • Andrea appears to be missing eyelashes throughout the prologue
  • In the last episode, Redgy got a bloody nose from being clubbed by Laney Jane. However, in this episode, his bloody nose is gone.
  • When Redgy sarcastically made a remark about the prophecy, the following sentence's first letter was not capitalized.
  • Laney Jane appears smaller in the scene where she is cornered by cogs.
  • When Redgy was struck by lightning for the first time, he did not bleed. However, when the lightning disappeared, he started bleeding
  • Absurd flickering occasionally occurs in the Cog Nation scene.
  • Dialogue passes by too fast in the Cog Nation scene.
  • Assuming the "collar" on the yellow cat is part of how he's hanged, he appears to be missing an explosive collar.
  • The aqua mouse's blushing is inconsistent.


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