This article focuses on the interactions between Everyone and Redgy.


Redgy is usually nice to others. However, his hesitance to do certain things bring irritation to certain toons. His sarcasm also tend to offend others unintentionally. Therefore, Redgy has trouble making or keeping good friends.


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There is a minor, one-sided conflict between Andrea and Redgy. Redgy seemed irritated by Andrea's orders to follow their everyday schedule. 


In Lone Wolf, Bridgette admitted to Redgy that she was worried that Andrea might kill him after watching the fight between Andrea and Mildred. However, Redgy assured to Bridgette that Andrea had been taking care of him the whole time without doing any harm. Bridgette also became worried when Redgy had been abducted by the Sellbots and refused to go on without him. 


In Lone Wolf, she sensed Redgy's aura from faraway and had to send a teleportation prayer for him while being held captive at Sellbot HQ. She also became concerned of Redgy's safety after Laney Jane confronted him.  

Their full interaction became clear starting in Glimpse of Heaven, where the two became mutually attracted to each other when Redgy saved her life when she was attacked by the cogs. 

Laney JaneEdit

In Lone Wolf, Laney Jane hit Redgy a couple of times in the face while interrogating him.  

In Glimpse of Heaven, she forced Redgy out of the heroes' camp. However, when Redgy came back, Laney Jane shot him. It became clear as to why she dislikes Redgy so much as she believes he is a spy sent by the Shadow Mob. Her thoughts about Redgy did not change even after he saved her life when she and Emily were attacked by the cogs. 


Their full interaction is unknown, however, it is currently known that Mildred had been hunting Redgy down to kill him. 

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