This article focuses on the interactions between Andrea and Redgy.


Starting on Mortal Awakening Season 1, Lone Wolf, Redgy seems to dislike Andrea as she orders him around as if he were a slave of hers. However, Andrea's intention was to keep him safe from a lurking threat.

Mortal Awakening Season 1Edit

Lone WolfEdit

Andrea scold

Andrea scolds Redgy for not following her instructions.

Andrea orders Redgy to wake up and change as fast as possible. Redgy admits to her that he is annoyed by the everyday reminder but follows her orders anyways. After Redgy is done changing, Andrea sarcastically commented that he "prepared faster than she expected." Redgy then asks Andrea if he has to fight the cogs again causing Andrea to snap at him. Frightened, Redgy took back the question and obeyed. Andrea then proceeds toward the street. Once they arrived, Redgy insulted Andrea on how fast she runs. She tells him to focus, gives him a gun, and orders him to shoot a cog down. Redgy was hesitant to obey but did so anyways. He failed on pulling the trigger toward the head of the Cold Caller he confronted because the gun knocked him back causing the bullet to reflect toward his foot after accidentally shooting the metallic suit. Andrea runs in and calls Redgy a fool for screaming in pain. She later forgives him and carries him away from the scene. Later, at night, both Redgy and Andrea stare to gaze at the stars. She began to explain to him what the stars in the night sky meant to her. Not paying attention, Redgy responds with "cool", however, he seemed interested into hearing Andrea's "dream world" when she mentioned it. However, just before they were about to leave the plains, Mildred caught up with the two. Andrea ordered Redgy to run and never look back which caused him to protest, concerned over Andrea's safety. Andrea ordered him to run once more, which resulted Redgy to finally run away. While running in the forest, Redgy became concerned when he heard gun shots from far away, thinking that Andrea had been killed.

In Bridgette's house, Redgy admitted that depite being bossy, Andrea was a "saint compared to Mildred". He also became shocked when Bridgette told him that Andrea had to be taken in by the police.


  • This is the first non-mutual conflict of the series.
  • Although Redgy was concerned over Andrea's saftey at times, there were signs of hatred (on his side) but no other signs of friendship, one-sided nor mutual.

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