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 Andrea currently has an unknown role. 
Andrea wiki






The Impericog (Brother), Children

Most Recent Appearance

Tales of Toontown: Mortal Awakening (2012, 2014)


The Impericog, Mildred, Redgy (one-sided; his side)



Main Weapon



Andrea is a fighter who has a very short fuse and can easily be irritated by the antics of others around her. Additionally, when she is determined to get something done, she easily becomes fixated on completing that task. One of the tasks include creating her "Dream world" to get away from her current conditions in the Tooniverse. She lacks patience especially when it comes to protecting Redgy. She always gives Redgy a set schedule every day in order to escape a threat upon them.

Andrea's PastEdit

Nothing is known yet about her past.

Present LifeEdit


Name Origin/ReferenceEdit

"Andrea" is a name in greek meaning "manly". This name definitely matches her background as a warrior.


  • Andrea is the one of the few characters to wear a custom outfit, rather than wear clothes from Toontown Online (others being The Impericog, and Laney Jane)

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